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We have an endless mixture of music available to play directly from this site 24/7, 365 days a year. Normally dance music but also a mixture of 80s, 90s and pop. We use Mixcloud as our platform of choice that covers all royalties and publishing which means every artist that should be paid is paid every time we play one of their tracks.

As well as supporting the music industry, we dig really deep into our record bag to play rare and classic tracks that you may not have heard for a long time. With our foundations being in dance music, expect to hear a lot of amazing remixes of tracks from past and present.

To tune in, simply click 'Listen Now' in the banner at the top of this page or click here. We have a schedule that you can see here. As the schedule changes throughout the day, the player will automatically refresh so you have a continuous flow of great tunes which means you can hit Play and enjoy SOF Radio 24/7 whilst getting on with other things!

Do you want your mixes or tracks featured on SOF Radio? Get in touch. If they suit our vibe we'll add them to the cycle!

Who Are We?

Behind the scenes, we are powered by - a dynamic music brand that has been producing remixes, mash-ups and original tracks for the past 15 years.

With releases on various labels and for high profile artists alongside our live DJ sets, and indeed our weekly then monthly Mixcloud shows, we highlight the best in pop, 90s, house and trance from classics right up to the modern day so you can expect to hear nothing but the best music.

All killers, no fillers!

The Sound Of Faz YouTube channel has over 464,000 combined video views across just 108 videos

52 releases to date on DMC remixing everyone from Ava Max and The Spice Girls to Adele and Whitney Houston

Releases of original tracks and remixes on high profile labels such as Blanco Y Negro Music and Sony Music

Commissioned officially to remix for Rednex, Eliot Kennedy and David Corbell amongst many others

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