Back on the metadata…

Posted: 24-02-2022

I encountered a bug with the Live365 metadata section. When uploading a batch of tracks, I have a review page where I can enter the album metadata of all tracks all on the one page however after doing that and hitting save, it doesn’t save the album metadata. I’ve reported the bug and luckily have found that the software I use for bulk managing metadata (MP3 Tag) also allows me to update album in bulk too!

Currently uploading the entire trance folder but will have to check the cover art of all of them as any tool that bulk scans various sources for the artwork tends to not always pick up square photos. If it’s rectangular for example it simply crops a square out of the left hand side which results in this:


So, cool in an arty kind of way but overall it looks a bit crap so need to look into that too in case there are any settings to automatically crop a square from the centre of the image.

So currently uploading trance folder but may be easier to delete it once done, look into the above to sort images THEN upload again. This is the only issue currently, if I can sort the artwork I’m on a roll.

Stay tuned…