Further tidying up – 14/10/2022

Posted: 14-10-2022

After noticing a couple of shows with 30 seconds of silence at the beginning, I realised these were my live shows that were recorded directly on mixcloud (as opposed to being recorded myself and edited afterwards) so I downloaded them, deleted the originals, edited, mastered and re-added so if you follow us on mixcloud you may notice quite a few shows appearing as ‘new’ but dated some time in 2021 – this is why. It means those particular shows are now of much better quality too.

If you hit ‘Play’ on SOF Radio and notice any silence at the beginning, please let us know by sending us an email here. No number of issues or bugs are too many – we want to know if things aren’t quite working properly!

Potential development
Currently looking at if I can pull in the currently playing track to SOF Radio from Mixcloud. It is probably unrealistic as even if I can from a technical point of view, every show needs tracklistings creating first (as only a handful of them currently do) but I am looking into it.

Stay tuned…