Live page done!

Posted: 27-02-2022

When a DJ is live (when I say ‘a DJ’, I’m just referring to me for the time being!) I opted to retain the standard layout of the player and a chat room that everyone is used to. This page is now done and looking good on mobile too.

Added a horizontal scrollbar to the chat to avoid a never ending page when there’s lots of comments. As it is, you need to register to chat. I’m going with this option as it’s the only way to ensure any comments have a name next to them plus it allows me to monitor how many are using this page.

Its a bit of a shame Live365 doesn’t offer a ‘minimal’ widget so it is just a play button and a very narrow player cos if it did, this page would be even more awesome but we need to work with what we have.

We’re pretty much approaching the finish line now. I need to plan the schedule for the automation (what music is playing and when) but that will be the very last thing I do. Next step is to start uploading mixes and add markers in for the individual track metadata. This is going to take a while, I’ll probably get a good chunk uploaded to start with, go live, and continue adding more and more. It’ll be a semi-regular ongoing process adding new music anyway but all of that is much easier to maintain.

I see the end on the horizon!

Stay tuned…