Metadata Completed…

Posted: 25-02-2022

So….. all metadata has now been applied and sorted to all the music library. The only thing left to do is upload mixes or past radio shows that will be part of the schedule. These require markers adding with individual metadata for each track so quite time consuming so I will do this at the very end before going live.

Time now to start looking properly at the website. The widget that Live365 supplies as standard has no styling control (aaaaahhhhhhh!!!) so I can’t style it myself and as it’s in an iframe I can’t overwrite the CSS. Tried out an external player plugin that was really cool and added a player that stuck to the bottom of the screen but that doesn’t pick up metadata so may use that somewhere but need to stick with the official widget. I put a feature request into them to allow CSS changes but all depends how many others also request the same thing.

So initially I foresee 2 pages. 1 ‘main’ one that simply has the player – dead simple, nothing more. A clean design. Then a seperate page for when a DJ is live. This page will have player and a chat room. Once both are done, write some simple logic to display one or the other depending on the schedule ie. when a DJ is live.

Will get the bare bones of these pages done (already started both) then jazz up with CSS.

Stay tuned…