More progress made..

Posted: 02-03-2022

A few more things ticked off the list.

To get involved in the chat when a DJ is live, users will need to create an account and log into the site. All of this process is complete and emails have been coded (welcome, password reset etc.)

Conditional logic for player page
Once a DJ is live, the main player page will automatically show a ‘we’re live’ link which links through to the player/chat room.

Mobile App
A full mobile app is in the making but for now, we have a PWA (progressive web app) so once you go to the player page on mobile you will be prompted to ‘Add to Home Screen’, this will install the Sound Of Faz Radio app on your phone. To all intents and purposes it is a full mobile app (but in reality, its just the site wrapped in a mobile app) This means going forward you simply hit the SOF icon on your phone and the player will open (just like any other app) Currently working and tested on Android, for iPhone users PWA is not fully supported by Apple as of yet so you will need to manually ‘Add to home screen’, this still needs to be tested on iPhone (all in good time)

According to my project list, all that is left is to create a schedule page on the site which highlights what is on and when. We don’t have a roster of live DJ’s (at least not for now) so it will be more a category of music genres so you know when to tune in.

Stay tuned…