SOF Radio in development but still available

Posted: 10-10-2022

You may notice on the Listen page that it doesn’t always refresh on the hour to load a new show like I said previously, this is down to a bug I’m working through. You will also notice the odd bit of stuff on the page like a countdown timer appear every now and again, this is just for development purposes whilst I work on things.

In the meantime you can still enjoy the tunes by hitting play on the player, if a show finishes and it all goes quiet that just means the page hasn’t refreshed like it should do so just refresh the page the normal way and a new show will load.

We’ve said before, and we’ll say it again, to keep updated with things, and to get a nice notification every time we publish a post like this, install the app. It’s the best way to enjoy SOF Radio. Just hit the button below and when Chrome tells you it would like to show you notifications for the latest news and updates, hit ‘Allow’ to ensure you can receive notifications. For iOs users, the app needs to be installed manually (and clicking the button below won’t do anything) See more details on how to install on an iOs device here

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